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Inferno, Canto IX ~ Franz von Bayros


Inferno, Canto IX ~ Franz von Bayros

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Strange and fantastic Photography by Thomas Devaux

Thomas Devaux is a French photographer who works out of Paris, France with a modern approach in the world of fashion. The exorbitance within his wardrobe and the mood behind each image is very rich, grand, and refined with sophistication. 

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"Neil deGrasse Tyson" - Illustration by samspratt

Finally got around to wrapping up this portrait of everyone’s favorite astrophysicist. With his huge impact on new generations of aspiring scientists, I knew I wanted the background to be children’s space drawings. With my 6 year-old niece’s planetary masterpieces as inspiration, I did my best imitation with my left hand. (prints available here)

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Only Trust Your Heart (Live At Café Au Go-Go/1964) - The New Stan Getz Quartet & Astrud Gilberto / Getz au Go-Go (feat. Astrud Gilberto)(2014)

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Alice Wellinger

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